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Study In Bulgaria

Kingston Migrate is pleased to bring you an exciting opportunity to pursue your higher education in Bulgaria. Have you ever considered studying abroad? If not, why not take the plunge and explore what Bulgaria has to offer? With affordable tuition fees, quality education, and a rich culture and history, Bulgaria has become an attractive destination for international students. Here you will know that why you should consider studying in Bulgaria, how you can study there without IELTS, and what options are available for you being an international student.

Why study in Bulgaria? With over 50 universities and colleges, Bulgaria has much to offer in higher education. The country boasts a long-standing tradition of excellence in education, with many of its institutions ranking highly in intern


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Bulgaria offers a unique blend of quality education, cultural heritage, and affordable tuition fees.

 Yes, some universities in Bulgaria offer programs without requiring an IELTS score.

Yes, various scholarships are available for international students in Bulgaria.

 Tuition fees in Bulgaria are generally lower than in other European countries.

Yes, international students will need a student visa. It's best to check with your home country's Bulgarian embassy or consulate for more information.