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Study In Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The country has become a popular destination for international students, including those from Pakistan, who wish to pursue higher education in various fields. Among the most sought-after courses in Georgia is the MBBS program. Many students are interested in studying MBBS in Georgia due to the country's high-quality education system, affordable tuition fees, and excellent living conditions.

There are several advantages to studying MBBS in Georgia:

  1. The country has a strong and reliable education system that is recognized worldwide. This means that students who complete their MBBS from a Georgian


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Georgia offers a wide range of fields of study, including medicine, engineering, computer science, business, law, and many others.

The cost of studying in Georgia varies depending on the university and program of study. However, Georgia's tuition fees are generally lower than other countries, making it an affordable option for international students.

Yes, universities in Georgia are internationally recognized, and degrees earned from Georgian universities are acknowledged worldwide.

Yes, some universities in Georgia offer scholarships for international students based on merit or financial need.

International students can work part-time in Georgia while studying, but there are restrictions on the number of hours they can work per week.